New features in v1.3

12 February 2016
Alasdair Cunningham-Smith Alasdair Cunningham-Smith

We have been working away on a number of features driven by both internal projects and external clients. The #numbers refer to our internal work tracking system:

  • Exclude title being checked from list of possible Extra Title Numbers (Re #3)

  • Show proprietor name in message for Reg Charge proprietor Not Company issue (Re #1)

  • Handle another form of wording for detecting Extra Title Numbers (re #5)

  • Implemented OOV Controller, model/payload adjustments, annotated with descriptions and validation attributes
    This is the Online Ownership Verification service - a quick and cheap way to determine if a named person is actually an owner of the specified property.

  • Fix generation of C# client against Swagger schema (transform of Swashbuckle output, re #8, #9)
    Enables easier integration for C# developers

  • Add extraction of Sub-Charge details and base check/issue (re #16)

  • Implementation of Request Acknowledgement and Dequeue (re #13)
    Allows to you to reliably retrieve results using an asynchronous queuing model

  • Implementation of Request Deadline (re #12) and accept deadlines in past (re #18)
    Enables you to place an upper limit on how long you are prepared to wait for a request to return a result

We are planning to deploy this package or updates on Wednesday 17th February at 18:00 - see the notification