CANCELLED: Downtime for v1.3 Deployment

12 February 2016
Alasdair Cunningham-Smith Alasdair Cunningham-Smith

The latest release of TitleExpert, v1.3, has passed testing and is scheduled to be promoted to production on Wednesday 17th Feb at 18:00Z. The service will be intermittent for up to two hours while we deploy the new version. Please plan accordingly.

Notes for Existing Service Users

If this planned outage is likely to cause you business interruption, please contact us directly and we will discuss options for deferring the deployment.

We expect existing users should be able to continue using the service after the deployment without any changes to their code. If any issues are experienced, please contact us immediately. 

If you would like preview access to the new code, please contact us and we will arrange it.

New Features

See the Version History for details.