Smart Integration with the Land Registry

Automatic Issue Detection

A wide range of title issues are detected automatically. This enables business process automation and dramatic time savings in a variety of scenarios such as:

  • Portfolio cleansing – e.g. for housing associations and large commercial real estate deals
  • Rapid screening of mortgage or other secured loan applications
  • Fully-automated title checking in bulk remortgage conveyancing

Speed of Implementation

TitleExpert is much quicker to integrate into your case management system than implementing the Land Registry's Business Gateway directly because it hides the technical issues in their design, and then exposes a clean simple view for your in-house developers.

Simply sign up for free and get started with your own in-house developers, utilising the guidance notes and built-in developer documentation.

Modern Technology

The software developers in law firms are often overworked and cannot find the months of effort required to implement the Land Registry Business Gateway directly. TitleExpert brings these improvements over the direct integration for a low per-unit price:

  • TitleExpert uses REST - this is how the modern web works
  • TitleExpert services are easy to use from any programming environment
  • Simplified data structures with sensible names help smooth the integration process
  • Extensive developer documentation and “Try it” facility available on the live service
  • Data is returned as either XML or JSON – you choose
  • No client SSL certificates are required
  • No server is required – TitleExpert is cloud based

Viewer Application

A task-focussed viewer app hides unnecessary detail and highlights detected issues. This enables case workers to work faster and more accurately compared to having to read the whole Official Copy of the title, although of course that option is always available.

See for yourself

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We also have a web front-end for demonstration purposes:

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